Friday, October 18, 2013


K is way too good at escaping! She now pushes her crib away from the wall, and since the mattress is not attached (to prevent her climbing out) it stays put, making a gap she can slither under and be free to waddle (in her sleep sack) into my room! Oi vey! 

With her baby sister due any day, now is NOT the time to transition her to a toddler bed. I have no idea how to keep an escape artist in bed, when I am pretty sure she is actually smarter than me! ;)

Tuesday, September 10, 2013


Oh man, impetigo is the suck!! K is FINALLY over it now. Two different antibiotics, two different topical creams, and now we are in the post scab, healing her poor scarred skin phase. I HATE seeing my sweet girl like that. I would have traded her places in a heartbeat! It was also so hard watching how other people looked at her :( Thankfully, she is young, happy and carefree, and didn't notice the stares or whispers. 
Here is a little collage of how it looked at the beginning and up until the 2nd round of drugs started working.

And how much better it is looking now:  

Thankfully it is just a dark pink area, scab free and healing nicely :) Now the goal is to heal up DW who has a sinus cold before this wee babe in muh belly arrives! (Aka time to break out the Thieves!)

Monday, August 19, 2013

the sweetest girl I know

A few weeks ago as I lay on my bed resting while DW was getting K ready for bed, k took off downstairs to get me a blankie. She came back with one of the new muslin swaddlers I got for baby girl, and spread it on my belly. Then proceeded to snuggle baby via my belly! Gah! I am so in love with my sweet girl, and I can't wait to see how my girls interact with each other as they grow


Friday, August 16, 2013


K is back in her phase of crying, screaming, bartering and just generally avoiding sleep at bedtime. Tonight was no exception! After 45 minutes of intermittent flipping out and multiple visits from a very tired mumma, I decided to just snuggle her. She is swiftly growing up, and my belly is making our snuggle times more difficult but it's such a precious time. So we rocked in her room for a little while before she asked "mumma's nigh nigh for bit? Yes please" (side note, she currently says 'yes please' to any yes/no question that requires an affirmative) After making the guidelines clear that it was for cuddles only, not bum drops and play time, we laid down on my bed. We chatted about going to the 'punk' with daddy, the swings and slides, her desire to see papa and nana, and then IT happened!

Baby #2 started wiggling like crazy! So I put K's hand on my tummy and asked if she felt baby sister wiggling. She did! At first she seemed uninterested, then she got excited and exclaimed 'baby sister wiggling!' and did the cutest little bum wiggle while laying down still. We laid like that for 15 minutes, just chatting and enjoying the wiggles. Baby even got the hiccups which K could feel too! It was a beautiful moment I nearly missed out on because it was bedtime!

We sang hymns and rocked in her room until she started to doze, then she went to bed with only a moments fuss. It was a beautiful time with my sweet girl, one I will cherish all the more since I know our 'only child' days are swiftly coming to an end. 


Back in the proverbial saddle

What what? I am blogging again? Sure! Why not right? I may not be overly talented when it comes to writing but, it will be a good way to include people in the crazy life that is mine :)

K is a wild child, full of nearly fearless wonder! I am pretty sure she could spend her entire day at the 'punk' on the slide and swings! She loves to play 'Duck Daddy' with DW, which consists of DW holding her swing up as high as he can until she says 'Duck Daddy' and daddy hits the deck. She has also suddenly grown up since she turned two, and can frequently be found playing all by herself, chit chatting with her Little People princesses and putting them to 'nigh nigh'. She is growing up SO fast! I keep trying to imagine her as a big sister, but so much changes every week that I have no idea what is to come (except drastic change!)

Baby #2 is 11 weeks away from her 'due' date! I am exhausted, sleeping terribly, getting insane amounts of heartburn and loving it! I can't wait to meet the little person growing inside me. I love being pregnant, especially once baby starts to really move around :) I lay awake often at night (11:30 is party time apparently) just grinning like an idiot while my girl wiggles like crazy. It is such an amazing journey! 

Our house on the other hand... It feels like we will be stuck here forever! We have so many little projects to do that require stools, or are too chemically/heavy/etc for my preggo self to do. And my husband is not a renovation kind of guy... At all! He thinks we should build our next house, I loath the idea! I like older homes with some character, that need some tlc. This house is beyond that though, it needs someone with REALLY deep pockets or a backhoe! Neither of which describe us! 

My wish list for a new place is pretty simple: a bathroom on the same floor as my bedroom! Being pregnant for the second time in this house is just torture! By the time I get down the stairs, pee, and back up to bed, I am wide awake and hungry! Plus we have the creakiest floor/stairs. I can not count how many times I have woken poor K up at night just trying to go pee before I explode!

Anyone love painting/caulking/gutter cleaning/gardening (stupid cats!) etc? Feel free to come on over! I will feed anyone who wants to help :)

Thursday, July 26, 2012


My lil sister and I are going to start on Monday! I'm actually pretty excited, although I am sure I will HATE it once I start ;-) I am so sick of being this size, of being uncomfortable in my own skin. I am tired, I am rundown, I am unhealthy, and I don't want my daughter growing up with a mum like that! I was to be a good example to her, to show her how to balance exercising and eating, to show her how to be happy with who she is. But in order to do that, I need to figure it out myself! So, I am making changes! I am going to go see a naturopath fella an see what foods my body doesn't agree with and LISTEN to what he says. I want to get healthy before I get pregnant again, and I want to be pregnant by the end of this year :-d (I am SO excited to be pregnant again! I loved every second of pregnancy!)

So, I am going to become a runner! What what? Haha for anyone who knows me, this is laughable! But I am giving it 8 weeks. I WILL be able to run 5 km at the end, and I will be able to do it while pushing my lil turkey in her stroller! FTW!

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Girl

My precious lil girl is growing up so fast! Everyday she learns something new, amazes me with her funny lil babbling, and wins over every one she meets with her shy smile (and nose picking! Ha)

Her current favorite words are: mumma, dada, nana, tata, thank you, hi, bear

She loves to sing, she signs, she loves the backyardigans, she gives the most amazing hugs & kisses, she loves to talk on the phone, and she is SO close to walking but just isn't ready yet!

I am so blessed by my girl, she is a bundle of awesome!